Current challenges in student recruitment

The international student recruitment process involves extreme risk-appetite on Universities’ part, where digital marketing, offline marketing, paying for adverts with publishers, as well as purchasing databases all come together to create a multi-channel marketing mix that is supposed to deliver enrollments for different batches.

Universities have to go through hundreds of failed campaigns, bad leads, application funnel drops, and loss of marketing dollars each year – paid for by shrinking budgets.

Every solution, including education agents that works on a success fee model, is built around the core belief that “risks” are with recruiting Universities and students, while the value is always consumed by the publishers or the middle layer – without taking any accountability for delivering results/ enrollments with regards to quality of candidates, at scale.This broken system is what CIGMOID disrupts, allowing for a transparent and credible transaction platform to exist between a University and a candidate – without any intervention from 3rd parties, agents, etc.

The CIGMOID model

CIGMOID not only brings transparency and credibility in direct candidate to University interactions and headhunting/ recruitment practice, but also ensures that Universities aren’t spending millions of marketing money upfront in order to “get discovered” and “engage” with candidates globally.

Using CIGMOID, Universities can search, match, and engage with international candidates with verified credentials and details – without having to spend large sums of money upfront.

On CIGMOID, there are no marketing campaigns or charges that Universities have to pay for. The Platform is also FREE for students/ candidates who may purchase additional services of coaches to prepare their application, however at all times that is optional.

Universities can use CIGMOID to translate their marketing dollars into micro-scholarships that are conditional to candidates applying and joining the program. This allows candidates to access such capital for benefitting their application process & other costs associated with their study abroad plans. It also ensures that Universities are using the corpus to pay such conditional funding to candidates who are sitting inside their classrooms, and stop spending behind generating random leads, buying databases, attending fairs or paying for application drop offs.


The CIGMOID advantage

CIGMOID already takes care of inbound marketing, retargeting, multi-touchpoint engagement, etc. for a University when it has a CIGMOID Business Account (CB Account). The platform’s engagement system ensures that the right set of candidates always find their way to the best-fit programs – allowing for their discovery without the University having to work on creating or managing such campaigns.

Our expert team that has over 20 years of domain experience, having led – University admissions, large digital platforms in the industry, and global events businesses – have designed CIGMOID and its underlying matching, engagement and recommendations systems to reflect some of the best strategies and learnings that they have had in their careers.

CIGMOID provides the best in the industry candidate engagement models, on top of the world’s first candidate recruitment system on the blockchain. Universities do not need to spend their millions in getting discovered or engaging the right set of candidates for their programs anymore.

Identifying and recruiting talent, which includes – Search, match, offer, and convert – without any risk – is what CIGMOID delivers credibly through its immutable and verifiable blockchain-based platform.

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