Education Blockchain & Micro-funding Tokens

A blockchain platform for Higher Education and Careers – with a built-in model of micro-funding through tokens

What makes CIGMOID special?


Universities, students, and other stakeholders can interact securely and through verified accounts with an option to opt-in to share data or details.


Blockchain account access is FREE for all Universities, students and other stakeholders, forever


Universities can fund students or candidates using CIGMOID’ utility tokens - edCoins, as a universal currency for transacting globally


All information that is provided by any party on the blockchain is verifiable and is immutable, to reduce the risks of fraud and incorrect information.

No Central Authority

No stakeholder needs any central authority permission to connect or transact with each other. Connections are FREE, and transactions are transparent


For Universities, CIGMOID can be used to recruit students for any number of programs. For Students, CIGMOID stores every credential earned & verified for life-long learning

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